I can count on my one hand the number of manicures and pedicures I’ve had in my life (that’s not many). However, now that I’m entering into the last trimester of my pregnancy I’ve self-declared that I deserve a little pampering.  When you can’t bend down anymore to take care of your own feet and your hands swell and hurt, sometimes you’ve just gotta get someone else to step in and sometimes you’ve just got to treat yo’self.

Enter the Ten Spot.

When I was still living in Queen West in Toronto I remember when the Ten Spot Beauty Bar opened up on Queen. I unfortunately never took the chance to go before I moved to Hamilton. But funny how sometimes things come around full cirlce; Kristen Wood owner of the Ten Spot and a relatively new Hamiltonian resident herself has just opened a Ten Spot here in Hamilton on James St. North! Not yet even a week since its opening I’ve upped my life total of mani/pedis by having visited the beauty bar on multiple occasions (already)! Making up for lost time? I know -so overindulgent! But I can’t stop myself. I think that I could get used to this pampered life-style. The staff are super friendly, and I always leave feeling like a rock star with the nails and funky colours to match.

Kristen has created her own fab line of lacquers and polishes called Get Nailed.  With the Get Nailed product line also comes microbeads.  Being such a manicure novice I had no idea what this was.  The ladies at the Ten Spot happily busted some of the microbeads out and showed me what it was all about.

My fav was the black microbeads on the black Get Nailed polish -so black caviar shiny!

Click here for the complete DIY guide to doing your own microbeaded nails.

I should mention that the Ten Spot is not limited to just manicures and pedicures but their services also include their acclaimed waxes; bikini: Brazilian, Cracker Jack, and the other usual hairy culprits.  And gentlemen services are not just for ladies only, but also include a whole menu of men’s services too; The Hand Job -man-icure for men, The Foot Job -pedicure for men, the Manzillian, Mankini etc.

The Ten Spot is a fun and sassy new addition to James North!  Congrats on your opening in Hamilton!

*The Ten-Spot, 146 James St. North, 289.309.1010

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