Things have been pretty busy around here the past few months.  My apologies for the less frequent blog posts as of late.  I’ve got a pretty good excuse. We’ve been busy doing a lot of organizing and preparing BECAUSE… in 3 months we’re having a baby! It’s our first so we’ve been having to dive into the world of crib, stroller and baby-goods purchasing -there’s so many products and things out there these days it’s overwhelming! We’ve also been rearranging, finishing up minor renos around the house and getting a nursery ready on top of day to day work and life.  I know, I know, things are only going to get busier.

I wondered a little if I would be someone who would post a baby announcement on their blog.  I know having a baby will occupy so much of my time as it already has. I was already finding it hard to omit from the day to day goings on and posts here.  So here it is my first baby post and pictures. Who knows maybe I’ll start another blog focused more on life as a newby parent.

This is me at the start of May.  At 5 months I felt huge, and was long into wearing maternity clothes.  But I guess really my clothes don’t look any different from what I would normally wear, so to everyone else I’m pretty much exactly as I’ve always been sans bébé in utero. I could already feel cute little fluttery kicks and summersaults just for me in my belly.

I’ve been told I’ve got a wee bump.  I’m anticipating in the next 3 months in the heat of summer that I might just start to expand exponentially. Bring on the flipflops, muumuus, and kiddie pools for feet soaking!  I’m all yours for a free wheeling summer of day-trips, swimming pools and ice-cream.


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