I’m a lover of breakfast.  Well, more specifically brunch.  I think that I can safely say that my favourite brunch in Hamilton, and perhaps anywhere can be found at Papa Leo’s on Concession.  First off, I consider myself a bit of lower city dweller, I don’t often go up the mountain, and when I do, I generally feel lost in the suburban headlights -everything looks the same!  However, I am willing to stifle my disdain for suburbia for a trek to Concession Street.

I feel like Concession is a little strip of downtown in a not so downtown world.  It has store fronts with street parking, not strip malls with football field parking lots.  It is home to a movie theatre (that I hope will open again one day soon), a bowling alley, escarpment views, and Papa Leo’s.

Breakfast was delicious and has not disappointed during any of my visits.  Here’s the rundown for this particular brunch.

The Big, which consists of three eggs, with bacon, sweet chorizo sausage, and buttermilk pancakes, served with fresh cut pan fried potatoes and toast!  That’s what I ordered.  I wanted to marry my pancake, it was so yummy!

Next up was Papas Egg’s: two poached eggs served on fresh avocado and smoked salmon with a fresh cilantro cream sauce.

Just thinking about the texture of the eggs, avocado and smoked salmon melting in my mouth is enough to make me want to cry. Amazing!

No brunch is complete without freshly squeezed orange juice or a fresh smoothy, which they serve both of.

Go to Papa Leo’s you will not regret!

*Papa Leo’s, 638 Concession St, 289.389.7227

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