I’m a big fan of Afie Jurvanen’s (aka Bahamas‘) music.  I loved his first solo album Pink Strat, and I’m definitely loving his latest album Barchords.  If you want to dig back further  into the musical vaults, I would have to say my fandom started when Afie was the frontman of the band Paso Mino, which also consisted of multiple members from the band Zeus (whom I also love).  Afie’s got a great deep smooth voice, his guitar riffs are catchy, and the songs are simple, sweet and speak for themselves.

We checked out the Bahamas show at the Casbah a few weeks back.  It was a busy week; two shows back to back, Bahamas one night and the next night Sloan.  The venue was packed with a fairly young university crowd and much busier than previous Bahamas shows we’ve seen in Hamilton (the good word must be catching on).  My mind was blown with the first song Lost in the Light, with the gospel-like harmonies of  backup singers: Carleigh Aikins and Felicity Williams and Afie.  Seeing and hearing the song played live was so breathtaking.  It was really soul shattering, the whole place was vibrating, and everyone was swaying.  I think I had goose bumps the entire show.  My highlight was when they played Never Again.  When the song ended someone in the crowd shouted “Play it again!” and the audience cheered it on.  Afie hit it up one more time, the whole room went ape shit belting it out and joining in with the powerful harmonies of the backup singers.  They could have played it on repeat and I would’ve been peach as pie.

bahamas at casbah, hamilton

bahamas, afie jurvanen


If you like the sound, and want to pick up the album you can get them local in the Hammer on vinyl at Cheapies and Dr. Disc.

For more Bahamas’ videos check out Southern Souls’ page here.

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