There’s a definite consistency to what I like and find intriguing about certain places.  I think part of my love for places like this has something to do with industrial spaces that are in transition -one half still a little rough and industrious while the other is moving into new transformative territory.  I believe that Red Hook is one of those places.  Located in south-west Brooklyn a little off the beaten track it’s home to many new businesses like the outstanding gourmet Fairway supermarket, the Lobster Pound -lobster bisque sandwich shop, the Good Fork, Hope & Anchor diner, Fort Defiance café, and the Bait and Tackle bar.  Hmm there seems to be something going on here.  It is a mixed neighbourhood sandwiched by loading docks, and warehouses on one side, government subsidized housing on the other and gorgeous brownstones neighbourhoods just a short walk up through Carrol Gardens to Cobble Hill.

One section of the many beers from around the world sold at Fairway market.  Why oh why Ontario are your restrictions and regulations on alcohol so strict?  Why do you limit the possibilities of potential sampling and tasting all those delicious beers out there?

Local Red Hook watering hole; Bait and Tackle.

Off a side street behind some warehouses we came across two gorgeous buildings home to Cacao Prieto chocolate factory, and Botanica wine bar.  The murals painted on the fences are for both of the spaces.  I believe they are open seasonally and were slated to open up in just a few weeks.

We spent a lot of our time in Red Hook and it was where we called home for the duration of our visit.  Thanks Andrea for graciously hosting us in your lovely apartment! I loved being able to see places that as a tourist I wouldn’t know about.  My highlights of this trip really were just walking around Brooklyn.

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