One of the perks of getting back into the teaching profession is March Break holidays and trips!

Steve and I headed down to New York City over March break to visit some friends, explore more of Brooklyn and indulge in some NYC art and food.

On a visit to the big apple last year, we checked out Chelsea and decided that we really wanted to go back to do some more exploring (I really did want to go to Chelsea!).  We actually ended up spending a few days hanging around there.  We walked the High Line, which was in glorious spring form.

The High Line is a 2.5 km park that winds around Chelsea.  It’s actually an old raised rail line that has been transformed into a pedestrian walkway with natural vegetation, flowers, wild grasses, urban landscaping, and amazing city views.

On this particular day the sun was shining, and all the early spring foliage was already budding and blooming.

We also checked out the contingency of contemporary art galleries that are concentrated in Chelsea -nearly a whole 5 city blocks worth!  The galleries are privately owned but occupy huge industrial spaces, representing some major players in art like Georg Baselitz and Roy Lichtenstein.

In terms of art we arrived in perfect timing to catch the last day of  The Armory Show.  It is one of the largest international art show and sales in the world and is only open to the public for four days.  We concentrated mostly on the contemporary art section that took nearly 3 hours to walk through.  It was a lot to take in visually all in one go and I left with my head in a bit of an art spin.

Once the art fix was satisfied it was on to the food! That’ll be my next post.

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