My first Doors Open Hamilton three years ago got me an exclusive peak into the secret space of Capri Pizza; an old Hamilton themed restaurant from the 60′s (the main floor is still open to the public and operating as a restaurant).  The restaurant on the 2nd floor was paper mâché-ed sculpted to resemble the interior of  Grotta Azzurra or Blue Grotto of Capri, Italy.

Back in the day you could dine in the atmosphere of its blue tranquility with the trickling sounds of a real river running through the middle of the restaurant.   If I can recall correctly from that Doors Open, the owner said that they had not opened it to the public since it closed 30+ years ago.  It was literally frozen in time and it was such a treat to see!

If I were to ever require throwing an under the sea themed party, like in Back To The Future, then this would be the place that I would need to have it in. Check out Young Rival’s video that was filmed in that very space.


I love the aqua blue colour of the back of the building.

I have yet to eat at Capri Pizza; I’m saving my visit for the day they reopen the 2nd floor…

This year Doors Open Hamilton is taking place on May 5th and 6th!

*Capri Ristorante Italiano, 25 John St. north, 905.525.7811

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