Recently I went to a Victorian tea bridal shower; a nice twist to what can sometimes predictably be a lengthy present opening, women only, sandwich munching bridal shower.  Well there were sandwiches, and lots of women, but for some reason a tea party can make everything just seem so much more fun!  It was a great occasion to don extravagant hats, pretty gloves, and other appropriate tea time attire.

fresh cut wild flowers

vintage teacups, cups and saucers, Victorian tea

Each guest brought a vintage tea cup and saucer, with a little story.  At the end of the party the bride to be gets to take home an eclectic variety of tea cups and saucers that each have a unique story or memory.

vintage, Victorian tea, cup and saucer, tea party

tea spoons, spoon collection, tea party

tea time sandwiches, Victorian tea

ladies tea time gloves, Victorian tea, tea party



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