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record show

Last month I finally attended the bi-annual Record Show at the Festival Banquet Centre. I’d seen the flyers for the show around town before and had always wanted to check it out but had never been able to -so I was extra super stoked to go. I prepared myself for an afternoon of record browsing with the hopes of finding some real gems.

The Festival Banquet centre is located on King St. East (to see my post on King East click here).  With low ceilings and dim lighting the hall kind of reminded of the multiple friend’s parent’s basements that I hung out in as a teenager.  The hall however was still decked out in kitschy wedding decorations and the air smelled like a cocktail of stale alcohol and tobacco smoke. Like most record sales I’ve been to it was pretty much a dude fest with a small spattering of women digging and flipping through the crates.

I went with the hopes of discovering some rare record finds; old jamaican ska, surf, 50/60′s soul and perhaps a little calypso or Nigerian afro-funk. But I was stuck mostly with flipping through various vendor’s collections of The Beatles, The Stones, Kiss and Journey among other boxes of records that you might normally find at a garage sale (priced accordingly cheap 3 for $5). So I guess if you’re into bargain bin rock music and perhaps completing a collection of a specific rock artist then this would’ve been the record sale for you. Don’t get me wrong there were tons of records -maybe too many? I probably would’ve been happier with less records and just a little more quality and uniqueness to the selection. A couple of turn tables with headphones for listening to potential record purchases would’ve helped too.

In the end we did end up buying a couple of albums. Steve got Rush: Archives (a triple album: Rush, Fly By Night and Caress of Steel), and I picked up a Barbara Lynn album.

We put them on in the evening Steve rocked out to some Rush, and later I danced Omi to sleep with Barbara Lynn’s sweet voice.

I leave you with a song from Barbara Lynn:

record swap

Recently we’ve been writing a lot of lists and organizing around here.

First on the list was to sort through our record collection, and weed out some of the non-essentials i.e. Milli Vanilli and STYX.  There’s probably still a ton of records left that could’ve gone in the “sale” bin but alas for now they will stay in our newly organized and sorted (by genre/era) record shelf.

Over the weekend I headed on down to The Brain for the bi-annual Deep Groove Record Swap.  It was a casual scene.  The regular crowd of afro-funk, soul, reggae and ska sellers and traders were not there in full force like I’ve seen a previous swaps, so I have to admit I was a little sad.  I didn’t pick up anything new but I managed to make one $5 sale from my “sale” bin; a lovely Roberta Flack album that we had a double copy of.

deep groove record swap, april 28 2012

I loved seeing all the different record enthusiasts swapping and flipping through records and chatting.  The best was watching a dad school his young daughter about vinyl.  He was happily showing her his awesome finds of Joy Division and New Order.

If you’re not into the record purchasing and swapping but maybe into some vinyl listening, there’s always Jazz Chess on late Sunday afternoons.   You could swing by for a beer, wine, cocktail or juice, jazz, chess and a nice ol’ cheese platter.

*The Brain, 199 James St. North, 289.396.8508

spadina station

There have been many Toronto visits the past month.

Last weekend I headed into the city to meet with my friend Vern, to check out City of Craft, and to show my support for the Day of Action rally at Queen’s Park (my first rally ever!).

I didn’t take a lot of pictures this visit.  But one picture I did manage to snap was this one of Spadina station.  I love how a lot of the subway stations in Toronto still look so retro.  I particularly like the contrast of this red bench against the rusty yellow honeycomb-esque tiles.

spadina station, toronto, ontario

I’m looking forward to sticking around Hamilton for the next few weekends with tons of stuff going on like Canada’s largest food truck rally on Ottawa Street, The Brain’s Deep Groove Record Swap, Lee Fields‘ funk show at This Ain’t HollywoodDoors Open, and Steve’s art opening at b contemporary (for the May artcrawl).

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