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For the past three years Steve and I have made a tradition of heading down to Bayfront Park to watch the fireworks on Canada Day.  It is pretty much the marker of when we made the move from Toronto and officially became Hamiltonians.  I have to say we’ve been here now for three years and I am still happy that we made the decision to move to Hamilton -I haven’t had a single regret.

This year we headed down to Bayfront with a troupe of friends.  We opted for a hassle free evening of fireworks by arriving early and staking out a choice fireworks viewing location, and by coming down to the park car-less to avoid the ridiculous traffic jams post pyrotechnics.  Most of us biked or walked down; packed up with pillows, blankets and food.  Our set-up was quite luxurious and the fireworks like every other year were satisfactorily grand.

bayfront park, Canada Day

July 1st, Canada Day, Fireworks, Bayfront Park, Hamilton

July 1st, Canada Day, Fireworks, Bayfront Park, Hamilton

July 1st, Canada Day, Fireworks, Bayfront Park, Hamilton

Once the fireworks ended there was a massive exodus out of the park.  We all decided to hang-out for a little while until the crowds died down.

Sitting back and watching the park empty, we observed the frenzied way people were packing up and  heading in one direction en masse, it actually seemed eerily apocalyptic.  It made for a great scene and I was able to snap a few beautiful pictures of the lights and silhouettes.

Canada Day, Bayfront Park, Hamilton


With the heat, Canada Day celebrations and fireworks kicking the start of July off it is undeniable that summer is here!


2 years + lee fields

July 1st is our official 2 year mark of being Hamiltonians.  After the Canada Day fireworks at Bayfront Park we went to This Ain’t Hollywood to check-out the sounds of the one and only Lee Fields and his 7 piece funk/soul band The Expressions.

Bayfront Park fireworks, Canada Day, July 1st 2011, Lee Fields, funk, soul music, This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton

The show was fantastic.  Lee Fields has clearly been around a while, although this was the first I had heard of him.  His voice is phenomenal, and I would even be so bold as to say he rivals the funk and soul classic Mr. James Brown.

Lee Fields LP, vinyl, record, soul, funk music, Let's Get A Groove On, 1999


*This Ain’t Hollywood,  345 James St. North, Hamilton, 905.529.9500



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