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baked goods

On Saturday we took a short drive to the neighbouring town of Dundas.  One of our favourite and mandatory stops, when in Dundas, is to visit our friends at Picone Fine Food; a great place to find quality local produce, unique dressings, sauces, gourmet oils and vinegars, and other tasty treats.

There was a gorgeous spread of delicious and delicately crafted baked goods.

Pcione Fine Food, Dundas

hotcross buns, Picone Fine Food, Dundas

Picone Fine Foods, Dundas Ontario
meat pie, Picone Fine Food, Dundas

We left with two varieties of meat pie, one chicken and the other beef.   I was told that the pies were handmade by the Picone family matriarch.

*Picone Fine Food, 34 King St. West, Dundas, Ontario


you look good in stripes

Former Friendship Gift Shop on 118 James St. North -looking good.  Striped siding has been up for a while, and gorgeous new windows on the front were put in sometime in the last 2 weeks.  Rumour is; one day the main floor (or part of it) will be home to a massive cafe.  Currently the second floor is occupied by Thier + Curran Architects.  Take a look at their office space.

Former Friendship Gift Shop, 118 James St. North, Hamilton

Friendship Gift Show, 118 James St. North, Hamilton

Before 1.5 years ago.

Coincidentally, I just noticed on the Beehive Craft Collective’s Blog that they have a nice detailed post about 118 James St. north from this week!  And according to their post, the old Friendship Gift Shop will be home to the craft fair that they are organizing for August 12 and 13th.  The space is a real beaut, click on their link above to check out their post and pictures.

detour coffee

Detour Coffee opened their new cafe in January!  Business seemed to be doing well, as it was mid-weekday in Dundas, and it was packed.

Detour Coffee


Detour Cafe -Dundas

2 lattes, homemade cherry soda; cherry syrup & you add the soda, soft and chewy chocolate chip and ginger snap cookies

Luckily we were able to get a seat.  The space looks fabulous, and is a welcome addition to the previous teeny tiny space they had out back of the parking lot (hence the name ‘detour’), which did not include baked goods, or a wide array of other delicious drinks and treats.

*41 King St. West, Dundas, Ontario


I’m always noticing these old painted signs on the sides of building here in Hamilton.  Former incarnations of the businesses that once occupied these buildings or just old painted ads on walls.

York and James St. -Hamilton

Underneath the faded "Smoke Shamrock" you can see and even more faded MGM lion.

King William & James St. -Hamilton

Mary and King St. -Hamilton

James St. near Mulberry -Hamilton

near Walnut and King St. -Hamilton


treble hall

One of the things that drew me to Hamilton was the history, and architecture of the city and its buildings.  Walking around downtown you really get the feeling that Hamilton was once a prosperous, and happening place.  I can’t deny that a fair number of Hamilton’s buildings are vacant or abandoned.  Ghostly shells of their glory days, their owners haplessly leaving their fate to be met with a wrecking ball, (like the recently demolished Century Theatre… sniffle).  But there is a genuine renaissance that’s happening.  Not just on James St. north, but on John St. too.  With the recent move of Downtown Bike Hounds to John, and the hopeful renewal of one of the most gorgeous buildings in Hamilton, Treble Hall, I can’t help but swoon at the idea that this sense of rejuvenation will start to spread.  I mean I love these old buildings abandoned or not but I’ll love’em even more when they’re no longer left to rot.

Treble Hall, John St. North, Hamilton, Ontario

The installation in the Windows of Treble Hall is a quote from the Hamilton Spectator’s managing editor Howard Elliott that reads:

“Vacant and dilapidated buildings are dangerous both physically and psychologically. A dilapidated building can fall down, catch fire and attract vermin and filth. They make the surrounding area unsavoury and potentially unsafe. Building owners who don’t take adequate care of their building, vacant or otherwise, demonstrate huge disrespect to our city, to other building owners and to all people visiting and living here. Dealing harshly with those responsible is worthy of support and praise.”

Treble Hall, John St. North, Hamilton

Image from

Treble Hall, John St. North, Hamilton

Image from

Treble Hall was purchased by Jeff Feswick of Historia Restoration in 2010. You can read the Spec’s article of the purchase here.





New store!! When Downtown Bike Hounds moved from their location on James and Cannon to John, I wondered what would happen to their old storefront space.  I was happy to see that a new store Relish will be opening up.  Their signage is on the front window and a little window display was up already.

Relish, James St. North and Cannon, Hamilton

Relish, James St. North and Cannon, Hamilton

Downtown Bike Hounds

Downtown Bike Hounds former location on Cannon & James. Soon to be home of Relish.

*6 Cannon St. east, Hamilton, 905.973.8269

new works, by steve newberry

Steve had his art opening yesterday at The Print Studio on James St. North.  For his latest work he has silk screened images onto plywood.  Super cool.  The show will be on until May 7th.  And he’ll be doing another group show at Loose Canon in July.

It was a really good turn out for the opening and art crawl, the street was full, and there seemed to be a constant flow of people into the gallery.  I managed to sneak away for a few minutes to take a peak at the latest gallery to open up on James; b contemporary.  It was very shiny and new and still had the smell of wood varnish from their freshly refinished wood floors.  When I have a chance I will go by and take some photos and post them.

*The Print Studio, 173 James St. North, Hamilton

down by the bay

After a nice spring walk down by Bayfront Park we went to Hutch’s for their classic fish and chips.  It was my first time to Hutch’s, and although usually a typical summer attraction, it is open all year round.  Everyone must’ve been feeling spring in the air because there was a pretty good crowd ordering up burgers, Stoney Creek Dairy ice-cream, and plates of fish and chips.

Bayfront Park Hamilton

Bayfront Park Dundurn bridge

ice fishing Bayfront Park Hamilton

Hutch's menu

Hutch's fish and chips


*Hutch’s Harbour Front, 325 Bay St. North, Hamilton

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