The clouds were grey, and the wind was picking up as these tall ships sailed into the Hamilton Bay Friday afternoon. I didn’t expect to see the crowds of ship enthusiasts in such large numbers on a weekday afternoon. Yet they were there with lawn chairs, zoom lenses, and binoculars taking in what really was a majestic and breathtaking nautical scene.

As the ships glided by the pier an announcer narrated their arrival giving historical facts and figures while taking brief pauses as the cannons loudly fired to welcome them in.

I was so happy that I made it down for the ships’ arrival and felt slightly as though I was cast under their seaworthy spell. I ventured down two more times during their weekend long visit at Pier 8 to take a few more peeks. Tall Ships was such a fabulous event.  So happy to see Hamilton’s waterfront bustling.

Tall Ships I love you!

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