Have you seen the progress lately on Treble Hall?  I love watching the evolution of the restoration of this building.  Painstakingly paint is stripped, windows refurbished, ornamental wood features restored -wow, what a building!  I know John Street has a long way to go, but I just love taking a moment every now and then to just stop and check out the workings around the magnificent Treble Hall.

What kind of difference will the completed restoration of this building have on this little strip of John Street?  I can picture the storefronts full, perhaps another café, and knit shop or a restaurant?  Who wouldn’t want a space in one of those Victorian storefronts with those lofty ceilings and windows with ornate cut glass?

I took this picture in May. The Secret Door -I found that so intriguing.

Mid June. Storefront trim restored and painted. What a beaut!

The ladies keepin' it real outside of Beattie's Barber Shop, waiting for the bus.


Treble Hall is being restored by Jeff Feswick of Historia Restoration.  For further readings on the project check out CBC Hamiton’s -Paul Wilson’s article here.

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