Concession Street is included in my view of Hamilton’s downtown cityscape; I don’t need a car to get there but instead can opt for a healthy stair climb up to this little urban strip.  I have to be honest in that I don’t get up there as much as I would like to.  From time to time I’ll make my way up for a delicious brunch at Papa Leo’s.  I still have plans for some further Concession Street explorations to check out the bowling alley, and stop by their weekend farmer’s market.

I do have hopes for a continued revitalization of Concession Street and see it becoming like a mini-Locke or Ottawa Street on the mountain brow.  I love to see the pockets of redevelopment in other places in the city besides just James North and Locke Streets.  Concession Street here we come!  Can someone please open up a milk-bar and a coffee shop?  That way when I climb those stairs I can be rewarded with a delicious ice-cream and coffee treat!

On a recent visit to Concession Street I noticed a store called The Garage Sale Place.  Although, not a new antique store (it’s been open for 15+ years) it was my first time happening into the store.  It has all sorts of interesting gems to rummage through from old dressers, wardrobes and tables, to pachinko machines, mirrors, and picture frames all for some pretty bargain prices.

The Garage Sale Place, antiques, Concession St., Hamilton, Ontario

The Garage Sale Place, Concession St., Hamilton, antiques

We picked up this mid-century basket chair for just $10!  It does need a bit of refurbishing but for $10 you can’t really ever go wrong.  It will fit nicely into the ever evolving nursery room that we’re currently putting together.  I see this chair perhaps under a sheep skin rug.

midcentury basket chair, antique thrift find, concession street, Hamilton


*The Garage Sale Place, 596 Concession St. 905.387.6337


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