Hansen-Lübbers design and furniture shop opened this week on James St. north!  It is a beauty of a shop in every possible way.  In addition to carrying quality Canadian-made furniture designed by Gus* and eco-friendly paint and wallpaper by Farrow & Ball, they feature local Hamilton artist’s artwork on their walls (currently Julia Veenstra‘s paintings), and their store is located in just about the most gorgeously renovated old building ever!  For more details about the building renovations take a look at a blog post from the ladies at White Elephant here.  I read their post and saw that the store was opening and I had to go and see it for myself that same day!

The store was still being set up, but I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures of the space and some of the furniture that I hope to one day have in my own home. There was a steady trickle of people stopping in for a late Thursday Hamilton afternoon.  Everyone seemed enthusiastic about the new store location and were simply coming by to check it out, congratulate and welcome Hansen-Lübbers to the neighbourhood (Hansen-Lübbers did operate another store that was located on Locke street before deciding to make the move to James north).  Customers chatted casually with one of the owners, who was happy to talk about the progress of the space. He told us of the drapery sewing room and upholstery workroom that will be opening up in the store’s basement, and he gave us some details about the renovations like the radiant heated, poured cement floors, and amazing original 100 year old 6 feet by 6 feet skylight that was letting in beautiful light considering it was a grey and gloomy day.  The glass is actually welded in right level with the rooftop!

I remember when the building sold, and also while it was in transition as Buttrum and Son’s gallery space.  What an amazing transformation the whole building has taken.  I believe there was a point in time when there were no floors from top to bottom, and there was an intriguing wall with about a thousand layers of old wallpaper.

hansen & Lubbars, 114 james st. north, hamilton, ontario

hansen & Lubbars, 114 james st. north, hamilton, ontario

hansen & Lubbars, 114 james st. north, gus funiture, filament lighting, feather light

hansen & Lubbars, 114 james st. north, hamilton, ontario

I love the sofas, and one day when I actually buy some “grown-up” furniture, one of them will be mine!

hansen & Lubbars, 114 james st. north, hamilton, ontario, gus sofa

I think Hansen-Lübbers will be a great fit for the changing and evolving neighbourhood.  A perfect complimentary partner in combination with the up-coming opening of the AGH’s design store moving in just a few stores down.

For a little more history of Hansen-Lübbers’ Hamilton design dream and aesthetic read here.

*Hansen-Lübbers 144 James St. north, 905.308.7777

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