We went to the Rockton World’s Fair over the weekend.  It was my first experience at a small town agricultural fair, and I absolutely loved it!  This year marked the 169th year of the Rockton Fair with its first fair ever held October of 1852.  The 169th year of the fair brought with it some robust livestock from sheep (of multiple varieties) to baby chicks, beehives, cows, horses, ducks, geese and other fowl.  The day was a surreal picture perfect fall day with sunshine, blue skies, square dancing, apple cider, candy apples, homemade deep fried donuts, demolition derbys (I can’t believe I missed the mini van mash up derby!) and the classic midway.

Agriculture is the highlight of the fair and education of agriculture is our objective.

The objective was accomplished. There were many blue ribbons to be awarded to the livestock owners; ranging from preteens to old breeding pros and legends from the surrounding area.

Rockton World's Fair ground, maple tree, fall, leaves changing,

Rockton World's Fair, fall fair, agricultural fair, dairy, cow,

sheep, livestock, turkey, wool, Rockton World's Fair, fall fair, agricultural fair,

judgin sheep, livestock, Rockton World's Fair, fall fair, agricultural fair

Rockton World's Fair, midway, fall fair, ice-cream truck

Rockton World's Fair, midway, fall fair, ferris wheel,

We made for an early start to the fair and by the time we were headed back the streets and highways leading to the fairgrounds were jammed and at a near standstill.  If you plan on going next year beware of lots of traffic and parking madness especially if you’re heading in time for the lunch time rush.  You could also opt for the multiple free shuttle buses that leave from downtown Hamilton heading straight for the fair.

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