Surely somewhere in the planning of

the future city, there’s room for a bit

of green, of open space and lush

foliage where people can walk and

sit and get away from the concrete

of downtown.  We hope so, anyway.

-Pardon My Lunch Bucket 1971

Pardon My Lunch Bucket, Hamilton 125 anniversary book cover

“workmen taking a lunch break on Llyod D. Jackson Square construction”

I bought the book Pardon My Lunch Bucket from Mixed Media about a year ago. It’s a book published about Hamilton’s past and future for the 125th anniversary of the incorporated city.   The foreward is written by Victor K. Copps -the mayor of Hamilton at the time (1962-1976) and father of politician Sheila Copps. This is what he writes about the changing face of Hamilton:

“Let the detractors call us a lunch-bucket town.  All I ask it that they come to the new Hamilton and have a look around at what we’ve done in the last few years.  Let them see the massive projects like the Lloyd D. Jackson Square on its way up.”

Oh what I wouldn’t give to go back in time to prevent the building of Jackson Square.  The buildings that stood where Jackson now stands were of historical beauty, and were the heart and core of the city.  Victor Copps in his foreward talks about the changes that are coming to Hamilton: the rediscovering of our city, and seeing new things that didn’t exist here before.  I can’t help but smile at the thought that 40 years later this holds true for me.   I am rediscovering Hamilton, and am loving all the new things that are popping up that didn’t exist here before.

1860 City of Hamilton view

City of Hamilton 1860

Streetcars on James St. south 1906 & Gore Park

Streetcars on James St. south 1906 & Gore Park

King St. and James St. 1964, Hamilton

King and James St. 1964

Hamilton in the 1970's

illustrations of Hamilton's future year 2000

The illustrations above are of the future vision of Hamiton in the year 2000.  Highrises with hydrofoil water taxis.


*Pardon My Lunch Bucket, text by David Proulx, design by Joe Urban

*Mixed Media, 154 James St. north, Hamilton

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