While Steve was away I was so busy, and as a result I got really lazy when it came to cooking meals.  We had already pre-ordered our food box from Plan B Organics, so when the food boxes kept coming in, I was completely overloaded with fresh beautiful organic greens.  On top of all that my mother dropped off a full bag of homegrown mitsuba.  I was compelled to not let all those spring/summer greens go to waste so I started to make some pretty cute 1 person 1-shot meals.

My first meal for-1 was a baby bok choy, garlic, ginger, and black bean, oyster sauce quick Chinese stir fry served on white rice.  I even threw in some garlic scapes as a nice substitute for green onions.

baby bok choy, black bean, ginger, garlic, Chinese stirfry, oyster sauce

sliced oranges, steamed mitsuba, Japanese rice

I steamed mitsuba and added shoyu, and a little sugar, and garnished it with katsobushi (dried fish flakes).  My mother while dropping off the mitsuba, also brought over another Japanese green, to which she cooked only the stems (I forget the name of this green) that’s what I have on top of the rice along with my favourite rice seasoning furikake.

Japanese mitsuba

Mitsuba is a Japanese herb known also as Japanese parsley or Cryptotaenia Japonica.  The direct translation of mitsuba is 3 leaves, which is true because each stem does only produce 3 leaves. It is a nice refreshing herb with a little bitter taste, so balancing the flavour with a touch of sweetness is a good thing to do.


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