I went to visit Steve in Windsor, where he was doing a month long artist residency through the University of Windsor.  While visiting, I stayed in Steve’s short-term living accommodations in Sandwich Town (best name for a town ever!).  It is actually a part of the city of Windsor and  boasts some of the oldest buildings in the area.  Sandwich has some big ol’ beautiful houses, and they reminded me a little of what I would imagine grand manors in New Orleans to look like. The entire area of Sandwich Town had a whole different kind of feel to it that made me feel like I was a lot further away from home than just a 3 hour train ride.

Similar to Hamilton, Windsor’s is struggling through its own post-industrial era and as a result parts of the city have most definitely seen better days.  The downtown was pretty quiet and empty, except for an unexpected mid afternoon Sikh parade that had somehow beautifully integrated Scottish bagpipes with some traditional Sikh drumming.  An all together weird and unique experience of  Windsor’s downtown.

Steve Newberry, art, studio, Windsor

Steve’s art studio space in Windsor.  Great light, and so much room!

magnolia in full bloom, Windsor

Being the most southern area of Canada, spring was about two weeks ahead over in Windsor.  Trees were in full bloom.

Ambassador Bridge, Windsor to Detroit

Story goes that a second bridge was in the works to be built right next to the existing Ambassador Bridge to accommodate for the high traffic between Windsor and Detroit.  Houses along the area where the bridge was to be built were bought up, and then everything was put on hold.  The plans for the bridge have been stalled due to some controversial opposition and a law suit against the US and Canadian government from the owner of the Ambassador Bridge; 83 year old Manuel “Matty” Maroun (or as one of our cab drivers called him Matty “Moron”).  As a result the entire street for about 5-6 blocks, where the proposed bridge was to be built has all the houses boarded right up, lowering the property value of neighbouring houses and causing a bit of a fascinating yet eerie eye-sore.  How does this kind of thing happen?

abandoned house, Indian Road, Windsor

abandoned houses, Indian Road, Windsor

We decided to check out the Art Gallery of Windsor on one of the rainier days that I was visiting.  Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures of their current exhibitions.  But regardless here a few photos of some of the spaces I was allowed to photograph.

Art Gallery of Windsor, contemporary art

Art Gallery of Windsor, paper cranes, origami

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