The weather has been so grey, and it feels like winter is insisting on lingering right until the bitter end.  One sunny day last week I managed to snap some pictures of our house.

Hamilton House -living room

We’re planning on doing a major reno this summer on the main floor.  It’s a big debate whether to tear down the dividing walls of the front entrance hall, living room and dining room to open up the whole space.  Tearing down the walls will likely mean forfeiting our closet space and place to store our bicycles (we don’t have a garage and we own a row house, so having a place for our bikes with easy access to the front door is pretty key for us).  For now we have agreed that the walls are coming down, and we are banking on our creative use of space to make it all work out.  We also plan on peeling back the many layers of flooring to see what state the original pine-plank floors are in with hopes of being able to easily restore them.

Piggy Bank

Hamilton House -bedroom

Before the renos start I will post some of the progress we’ve had since our move in 2009.


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